Snider Family

Snider Family

Friday, December 7, 2012

Survey in the Lowland swamps 2012

The Heli landing in the Southern Korowai village, Baigun. The heli always puts its tail over the edge of the river bank (if there is one) so that no one gets hurt. In the past there have been several deaths due to people running out to meet the heli and not paying attention.

This is the village of Okhmakhol, the Kwer people, north of the Korowai. After gathering language data, we visited and prayed with these people. GIDI evangelists are in this village, but no expat has yet entered.

This GIDI evangelist is working in the Baigun village of the Southern Korowai. There are 250 people in this southern village. After visiting with them for a while, we held a service.

This is the village of Abiowage, they greeted us in the Korowai way. Several yrs. ago, this village was struck with a disease and most of hte village died. Now they seem to be healthy and the number of people is up. 

Village of Abiowage

This is a Komyandaret woman in the village of Danokit, southeast of the Korowai area. 

Pak Jodi in the front came with us to each village on our survey. He is a brother in Christ and works in Sentani at the GIDI office.

Home of one of the lady's in Abiowage who traveled to Danowage to give her testimony. She is standing in front of her house.

Andrew and I are gathering language data in the village of Waliburu, in the Komyandaret area. This village has 5-6 hundred people.

We finished our survey flying to the Kimyal area. There are many Kimyal villages in the highlands. We stopped here to see the progress and look at the New Testament translation that was dedicated in 2010. They need Bible teachers to come and live among them and continue the discipleship process.

We are ready to leave. I prayed and we left the highlands

Marianne in Australia at the 12 Apostles

Lane at a park outside of Melbourne, Australia

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