Snider Family

Snider Family

Monday, November 16, 2015

Gospel, Plane, and River Videos

Saulus using the Picture Book to tell the story of Jesus to this man from the tree house in the southern area. The man listening brought his child (sitting beside him) to our village to be treated for multiple boils. Saulus (telling the story) learns everyday from the Bible teaching.

Plane and helicopter coming to Danowage at the same time. As the plane taxi's, I zoom in on the heli. Lane is running on the side with his bow and arrows.

We are in Danowage heading back to the house from down river. This is the side river which dumps into the Becking River.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

MAF Landing in Danowage

Lane and his friend, Mark standing on the side of the runway waiting for MAF to land

Watching the MAF Caravan land in our village.

Village Videos

Going up river with Wayhu to have a Bible lesson and eat some chicken. We pass our village, Danowage. 

Hiking with Kase's (MAF Pilot), and his family to a tree house. 

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Interior House and Life Around It

Several pictures of what our day is like around the house perimeter and current projects on the house.

Working on the addition of a screened in front porch.

In the afternoons many come, even from other villages, to use my generator and tools to sharpen their knives and machetes.

Always an audience as I work.

It takes approximately 15-25 minutes to plane a rough-cut board from the jungle.

Finishing up the floor

Our solar panels are installed. We have power!

Marianne in the house hanging her art work.

Lane enjoying a walk in the village to get some fuel for the generator.

Lane helping David install our solar power.

Looks like the Korowai are ready for war when they come to sharpen their machetes.

I always have an audience! They love to watch.

Marianne in front of our village house.

Lane holding his pet Kookaburra.

Village fun in the evenings. Here is a village guy trying to shoot the target.

I missed the target.

They did not miss the target.

Adding a roof on the back so Trish can let clothes dry during the rainy season.

We always have a crowd at our house. 

Lane and Noah have their own projects!

Marianne learning how to bake in the jungle.

We always have people at the house...awesome!

Trish checking Lane's school work.

We always have people on our steps!

In the evenings we are entertained by the people.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Preaching At A Near By Village (Afi-Mabul)

Ariel shot in the Heli of random tree houses in the lowland swamps of the Korowai. We are on our way to a southern Korowai village (Afi-Mabul) to preach and check on the sick.

The Becking River running through the Korowai region.

Landing in Afi-Mabul. This village was formed several years ago and just recently had a village war due to several clans fighting over a woman who had been promised in marriage. 

Every tree, stump, and rock is cleared by hand.

HeliVida shuttling us to Afi-Mabul. 
15 minutes by Heli south of our village, or a 8-10 hour hike through some of the roughest terrain in the south.

Salomo and Barnabas taking their first heli ride to help preach. They were speechless as they rode above their jungle paradise.

Gathering everyone for a service. Kevin Cooney (from To Every Tribe) in front of the church structure with Trevor.  Kevin and his wife, Sarah visited us in Danowage for a week. They are currently in Salatiga learning the language.

Dakinus (a Dani Evangelist) and I in the church structure before the service. Dakinus and his family live in Afi-Mabul serving through GIDI.

Trevor and Kyle with Pamiles (a Dani Evangelist).

Singing before the Bible Lesson

Salomo telling the story of Abraham. Salomo continually desires to learn the Bible and we can see the Holy Spirit working in his life.

Salomo and I telling the story of Daniel, while Trevor checked the sick outside. I spoke in the Papuan dialect of Indonesia, and Salomo spoke in southern Korowai.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress in the Village

Our house is finished! We are moved in. We have zinc roofing and running water. This land was cleared by machete and shovels.

Me and Isaak talking right after we landed in the village. Isaak is a carpenter and we flew him in to build the school and evangelists houses.

One bedroom for now. I will add several more bedrooms this coming month.

Aenus' (a Dani evangelist) house is falling over. On the left you can see it supported by beams. We are building him a new home this next year.

The evangelists had a bakar batu (pig feast) to celebrate the completion of our house. Many from the village came. Yowenus, Wetinus, me, and Letina (Yowenus' wife) are holding the pig.

3 pigs cooked under rocks near the river to celebrate.

Sunday service in Danowage. Using the picture story material. 

The Dani women in the front wear their noken's (net bags) to church. For Sunday this is dressing up.

Me and Trevor teaching Salomo, Simson, Barnabas, Yon, Saulus, Wahyu, and Yadison the Bible stories so they can take it out and share with the clans.

Lane's 9 year birthday party in Sentani. He and his friends having a good time before we went interior.

Lane and Noah enjoying some time with their Dad's and eating some chicken.

Marianne and Ali enjoying some time on the hidden island eating some chicken too.