Snider Family

Snider Family

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Progress in the Village

Our house is finished! We are moved in. We have zinc roofing and running water. This land was cleared by machete and shovels.

Me and Isaak talking right after we landed in the village. Isaak is a carpenter and we flew him in to build the school and evangelists houses.

One bedroom for now. I will add several more bedrooms this coming month.

Aenus' (a Dani evangelist) house is falling over. On the left you can see it supported by beams. We are building him a new home this next year.

The evangelists had a bakar batu (pig feast) to celebrate the completion of our house. Many from the village came. Yowenus, Wetinus, me, and Letina (Yowenus' wife) are holding the pig.

3 pigs cooked under rocks near the river to celebrate.

Sunday service in Danowage. Using the picture story material. 

The Dani women in the front wear their noken's (net bags) to church. For Sunday this is dressing up.

Me and Trevor teaching Salomo, Simson, Barnabas, Yon, Saulus, Wahyu, and Yadison the Bible stories so they can take it out and share with the clans.

Lane's 9 year birthday party in Sentani. He and his friends having a good time before we went interior.

Lane and Noah enjoying some time with their Dad's and eating some chicken.

Marianne and Ali enjoying some time on the hidden island eating some chicken too.

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