Snider Family

Snider Family

Friday, June 14, 2013

Setting up Interior

This is an older picture from the float plane, but shows the pattern of the village. More land has been cleared now and our house has begun (below).

Our house should be ready to move into by the first week of July. 

Flying our supplies in by float plane. MAF is a blessing. They always help to work out the logistics of getting into this remote area.

MAF Kodiak planes and float plane in Wamena, Papua. From Wamena, 1 hour tops by float plane to Danowage.

Trish enjoying the co-pilot chair in the float plane.

Marianne and Lane's first time in the float plane.

The float plane taxing out for take off on the river (Becking River) in Danowage.

Gunter, a Helicopter Pilot for Heli Vida is setting up the sling to carry my roofing, toilet, and food into Danowage from Tokuni (a village 12 minutes away). The roofing is heavy and will not fit in the heli, so it has to suspend from the heli.

Making sure everything is good. 

Abiowage, a village north of Danowage. Shared the Gospel here.

The trunks of trees in the jungle can be as wide as a small house. 

On a trek with Daud and Simson to a village.

Jimmy with the pig that attacked Ainus in Danowage. The Korowai hunted it down.

Ainus after the pig attack. This picture is minutes away from being med-evac'ed out to Merauke for treatment.

Picture of Mount Cyclops in Sentani.

Lane and Noah playing a game in the village.

Marianne with her spider. This girl is bug happy.

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