Snider Family

Snider Family

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Danowage Feb. 2013

Korowai people in the village of Baigun. We held a service and treated the sick.

Me passing out medicine after the service.

Kyle & Shaye Messenger in Danowage. They stayed with us for a week before heading to PNG

Shaye with Marianne and Ali

Kyle giving his testimony in Danowage on Sunday

Trish practicing running an IV on me...good times

Me and Trevor on the bank of the Becking River. 

David Sitton, Me, and Trevor (with Kyle) floating down river 4-5 hrs after hiking to a village earlier.

David Sitton and Trevor after a hike to Abiowage

Trevor, me, Simson, and Daud hiking to Abiowage. We stopped to look at some tree houses on the way.

Kyle hiking in the jungle to Abiowage. Sometimes we have to cross little longs that are 10-15 feet high.

Korowai man in Abiowage. I preached here and they walked away and this man laughed at me.

Kyle in the village

Me, Trevor, Kyle, David, Simson, and Daud cooking and eating a chicken by the river before heading to Danowage

Rat skeletons hanging from the tree houses

Talking an pumping water for dinner

Shaye and Kyle practicing IV's and shots while in Danowage. Kyle is excited about this shot!

Marianne with Ali, Yuli, Perpetua, and one of the evangelist kids

Heading out by dug out canoe to Waina (4 hrs. down river)

Simson and Timotius with David Sitton heading to Waina

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