Snider Family

Snider Family

Friday, April 18, 2014

Preaching At A Near By Village (Afi-Mabul)

Ariel shot in the Heli of random tree houses in the lowland swamps of the Korowai. We are on our way to a southern Korowai village (Afi-Mabul) to preach and check on the sick.

The Becking River running through the Korowai region.

Landing in Afi-Mabul. This village was formed several years ago and just recently had a village war due to several clans fighting over a woman who had been promised in marriage. 

Every tree, stump, and rock is cleared by hand.

HeliVida shuttling us to Afi-Mabul. 
15 minutes by Heli south of our village, or a 8-10 hour hike through some of the roughest terrain in the south.

Salomo and Barnabas taking their first heli ride to help preach. They were speechless as they rode above their jungle paradise.

Gathering everyone for a service. Kevin Cooney (from To Every Tribe) in front of the church structure with Trevor.  Kevin and his wife, Sarah visited us in Danowage for a week. They are currently in Salatiga learning the language.

Dakinus (a Dani Evangelist) and I in the church structure before the service. Dakinus and his family live in Afi-Mabul serving through GIDI.

Trevor and Kyle with Pamiles (a Dani Evangelist).

Singing before the Bible Lesson

Salomo telling the story of Abraham. Salomo continually desires to learn the Bible and we can see the Holy Spirit working in his life.

Salomo and I telling the story of Daniel, while Trevor checked the sick outside. I spoke in the Papuan dialect of Indonesia, and Salomo spoke in southern Korowai.

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