Snider Family

Snider Family

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Our Interior House and Life Around It

Several pictures of what our day is like around the house perimeter and current projects on the house.

Working on the addition of a screened in front porch.

In the afternoons many come, even from other villages, to use my generator and tools to sharpen their knives and machetes.

Always an audience as I work.

It takes approximately 15-25 minutes to plane a rough-cut board from the jungle.

Finishing up the floor

Our solar panels are installed. We have power!

Marianne in the house hanging her art work.

Lane enjoying a walk in the village to get some fuel for the generator.

Lane helping David install our solar power.

Looks like the Korowai are ready for war when they come to sharpen their machetes.

I always have an audience! They love to watch.

Marianne in front of our village house.

Lane holding his pet Kookaburra.

Village fun in the evenings. Here is a village guy trying to shoot the target.

I missed the target.

They did not miss the target.

Adding a roof on the back so Trish can let clothes dry during the rainy season.

We always have a crowd at our house. 

Lane and Noah have their own projects!

Marianne learning how to bake in the jungle.

We always have people at the house...awesome!

Trish checking Lane's school work.

We always have people on our steps!

In the evenings we are entertained by the people.

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